New release: The bilingual English/Tamazight dictionary

It’s not everyday that we see a new English/ Tamazight dictionary being released. The majority of the Amazigh language dictionaries are always released in French and sometimes in Arabic.

According to the author, this dictionary is the biggest English/ Tamazight dictionary to be released yet and it is also based on the official standard Amazigh language in Morocco, which makes it very useful for learners, translators and teachers.

This bilingual dictionary features:

  • Entries organized in two sections: Tamazight to English, and translations from English to Tamazight.
  • Each Amazigh word is written in the Tifinagh script followed by latin transcriptions to make the dictionary useful for new learners.
  • Around 15,000 words of the unified Moroccan Amazigh language.
  • A table of the Tifinagh alphabet.
  • Headwords in bold for quick and easy reference.
THE BILINGUAL DICTIONARY: TAMAZIGHT – ENGLISH / ENGLISH – TAMAZIGHT: The ideal dictionary to learn the Amazigh language (Berber) and improve your vocabulary

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